Security Licence NT – How To Become A Security Guard

Becoming a security guard in the Northern Territory is simple. 

Whether you’re drawn to the flexible working hours, the stable work, the high demand for new workers, the social atmosphere, or the physical nature of the work, Australia’s security industry is ready to welcome you.

The journey toward becoming a security guard in the Northern Territory starts with you applying for and receiving a NT security licence, also known as a private security licence. In order to get one, you’ll need to apply online with the Northern Territory government, but there is one more step which precedes this one.

To get started, you’ll need to take a security course with a registered training organisation, such as Skills Training College.

The Role of a Security Guard

Security guard is a job which revolves around protection. This can refer to protecting property, valuable access, physical locations, and even other people. They perform their duties through patrols, observations, threat and risk assessments, and surveillance. Their goal is to keep their charges safe, and so only when a threat escalates do they use physical force.

Job Opportunities

There is more to Australia’s security industry than just security guards. Completing a security course and earning your security licence opens the way to a wide variety of roles associated with both private and public safety. Some of the other possibilities that will become available to you include:

  • Crowd controller
  • Retail loss prevention
  • Airport screener
  • Bouncer
  • Body guard

It’s important to note that while generally considered entry level roles, certain organisations may require additional qualifications or experience before taking on newcomers to the industry.

security guard and civilian walking and communicating in busy street

Security Guard Career Pathway

The first step to any security role in the Northern Territory, including security guard, is to undertake a security training course with a registered training organisation. Officially known as CPP20218 Certificate II in Security Operations, you’ll need to include proof that you hold this qualification when you apply for your security licence.

Once you’ve successfully completed your security training course, next you’ll need to jump online and apply for your licence. 

As part of your application you’ll also need to get a police fingerprint check and pay the associated fee (these fees are not included as part of your course). All the information on where to go and how to do this is also available through the link above.

If you’re coming in to work security in the Northern Territory from out of state, you won’t necessarily need to redo this whole process. Instead, you can apply for a process known as Mutual Recognition where your security credentials are transferred to a new state. Information for this process is also available through the above link.

Once you’ve cleared the waiting period and received your security licence, you’ll be ready to go and start applying for entry level security industry roles. You can find these online through job websites. Your course trainer may also be able to point you in the right direction.

After working an entry level security role for a time and building up your experience, you’ll be able to apply for higher paying jobs with more responsibilities.

Security officer surveilling crowd control security procedures from a control room - Security Course - Skills Training College

NT Security Training Courses

Skills Training College’s security training course in Darwin is open to virtually everyone. We use a blend of in-person practical training and online theoretical study to give our students the complete study experience.

The online portion is self-guided, and how long it takes to complete depends on you, your skill, and your commitment to the materials. This component consists of reading materials and 26 multiple choice questions. We recommend completing this section before you attend your in-person practical training sessions so you have the best understanding of the course materials.

For domestic students, this in-person training component lasts five days, starting every Monday at 9am, and runs across full-time work hours. That means that you can effectively complete a security training course with us in only a week, assuming you’ve done your self-paced online study diligently.

One of your in-person days is dedicated to studying first aid. Students who are able to provide acceptable proof that they’ve already completed a first aid training course have one few in-person class days which they need to attend.


Price: $599
Delivery: Blended (Online & In Person)
Duration: 1 Week (In-person)

Course Content

Our security training course is tailored to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge for the demands of the job. This includes honing some basic skills, such as students’ attention to detail, communication skills, and teamwork abilities.

Students will also learn about legislation behind their responsibilities. This includes learning about Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) protocols pertaining to security work.

Some of the teachings of this course are pretty easy to anticipate. Things like basic self-protection, using security guard equipment like metal detector wands, performing risk assessments are common to many different security roles. Others things you’ll learn are more specialised, such as the need to safely yet firmly remove intoxicated patrons from a premises as a bouncer.

You’ll also learn plenty of things you might not have expected. Other security guard tasks include crowd control, facilitating a safe evacuation from a premises, and performing CPR. Remember, being a security guard is all about providing safety, and these techniques will help you do just that not only for your clients, but also for their customers, and most importantly, for yourself as well.

Eligibility for Security Courses in Darwin

It doesn’t take much to take that first step and enrol in a security training course with Skills Training College. To be eligible, students simply need to be at least 18 years old, to be an Australian citizen or permanent resident (or to be in the country on an appropriate student visa), to have a basic command over written and verbal English and numeracy, and to have internet access to complete the self-guided study portion of their training.

While not a requirement for the course, we strongly recommend students take a criminal history check before enrolling. If you have been convicted of a disqualifying offence in the last ten years, you may not be able to apply for your security licence.

Our course is open to international students studying in the country on a student visa. However, due to legislation, we are required to offer them a different training program with different course fees. For one thing, our international student training course lasts for three weeks of in-person training, with the final week dedicated to completing any outstanding assignments. If you’re unsure whether or not you’re on the right visa to qualify, please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help you find out.

STC SecurityCourse FemaleStudent Wand

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re looking to become a security guard in the Northern Territory, Skills Training College has your answer. For a rewarding career with countless opportunities for professional advancement, for flexible hours where you can work almost anywhere you want, all while meeting new people, the path of a security guard is there for you.

Enrol now, and begin your security journey. Join countless others who have found a brighter career protecting people and making other people safe. Nothing feels better than knowing you have the kind of job where you can make this kind of a difference.

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