SITHFAB021 – Provide responsible service of alcohol

Whether you’re venturing into the hospitality sector, aiming to master the art of bartending, or simply ensuring you’re well-equipped to serve alcohol responsibly, our nationally recognised RSA training courses are crafted just for you.

At Skills Training College, we bring expertise to the art of responsible alcohol service. Our courses are not just educational; they’re a passport to a fulfilling career and a commitment to promoting safe alcohol practices.

Enrol in a Skills Training College RSA course today and take the first sip into a responsible and rewarding future.

RSA Certificate Overview

A Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate is an essential qualification for anybody working in the hospitality industry in Australia. Holding an RSA certification is a legally mandatory requirement to not only serve alcohol, but also to work on any premises which provides alcohol as a service to its customers. A waiter who works at a licensed premises needs to take an RSA course as much as a bartender does.

Skills Training College provides a nationally accredited course in RSA training with a same day RSA certification. Our RSA course provides students with the skills and the knowledge that they need in order to pursue a rewarding career in the hospitality industry, not to mention their RSA certificates.

Being able to provide responsible service of alcohol to customers is a vital skill in countless hospitality industry venues all over Australia. Once you’ve successfully completed an RSA course, the career opportunities before you are almost endless.


Skills Training College’s Responsible Service of Alcohol course (RSA) teaches students everything that they need to know in order to safely serve alcohol to customers in any licensed premises in Australia. During their RSA course, students will learn everything from their legal responsibilities when it comes to serving alcohol, the importance of knowing what the size of a standard drink is, food safety requirements, how to identify and respond to drunk or disorderly behaviour by refusing service, and the affects of alcohol consumption on the human body and the appropriate limits.

Our RSA course consists of one (1) day of training, taking place over four (4) hours. A training course consists of written and verbal exercises and presentations. The RSA course concludes with a written assessment which demonstrates your achievement of the national unit of competency to supply liquor.

After successful completion of your RSA course you’ll be awarded your RSA statement of attainment. This shows that you know how to provide responsible service and supply alcohol at any organisation anywhere in Australia’s hospitality industry. After which you’ll be all ready to start your brand new career.


Skills Training College’s RSA training course is delivered entirely in person from one of our many training locations. Training takes place over a single, four hour training session, at the end of which students receive their same day RSA certification. It couldn’t be simpler to learn how to safely supply alcohol.

RSA training consists of lectures, presentations, reading, and written exercises. The day ends with a written assessment which tests your RSA knowledge. Upon completion, students are then awarded with their nationally accredited RSA certificate.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to offer online RSA training and there are no online courses.


Skills Training College’s RSA course is open to all students, both domestic and international. There are virtually no prerequisites necessary to enrol in our RSA course, however, students must meet several minimum requirements, including the following:

  • All students must be at least 18 years old. This is because the minimum age to serve alcohol in Australia is 18. Students will be required to provide identification documents on the day to prove they’re capable to perform responsible alcohol service.
  • Students must possess a Unique Student Identifier (USI) number.
  • Students must posses basic English literacy and numeracy skills in order to engage with the in-class readings and understand the size of a standard drink.


Skills Training College’s RSA training course is available for a one time fee of $99 per student.

To view our full payment terms and conditions here.

RSA Training Locations

Skills Training College offers Responsible Service of Alcohol training from several of our many training locations found all over Australia. All of our training locations are easily accessible by both car and by public transport, making it easy to find an RSA course near you. Following are where you can find training for our nationally accredited RSA courses:


Adelaide Barista Course Training Venue - Skills Training College Barista Courses Adelaide

Nestled in the bustling center of Adelaide, our RSA training venue offers superb accessibility, with convenient access to public transportation and parking options within a short walking distance.


Brisbane Barista Course Training Venue - Skills Training College Barista Courses Brisbane

Conveniently situated in the vibrant heart of Brisbane, our RSA training venue provides easy access and ample public parking. Join us for comprehensive training and elevate your responsible service skills today.


Nestled in the center of Mount Gambier, our RSA training venue provides hassle-free public parking options nearby and easy access to public transportation.


Nestled in the middle of Morphett Vale, our RSA training venue offers convenient onsite parking and easy access to public transport making it accessible for all prospective RSA students.


Situated in the heart of Salisbury, our RSA training facility offers accessible public parking options nearby and convenient access to public transportation


It all starts right here. Enrolling in an RSA course isn’t just a qualification; it’s your passport to an exciting career behind the bar. The journey you take from here is entirely in your hands.

With the ever-growing demand for skilled professionals in the beverage industry, an RSA certification is the gateway to a world of opportunities. Whether you’re tending bar in a vibrant nightclub, managing a bustling pub, or working in a high-end restaurant, your journey in the world of responsible bartending begins now. Explore the possibilities, master your craft, and take your place in the thriving hospitality scene. Enroll in our RSA course and let your bartending career unfold.


Serve customers, meet new people, forge strong working relationships, and make new friends for life.

Always in Demand

Hospitality is always growing and always seeking new staff, making it easy to step into your first bartending role.

Work-life balance

It's all about flexibility! Fewer than 30% of bar attendants work fulltime hours making it the perfect role for anyone who appreciates work-life balance.


A Responsible Service of Alcohol certification is essential for working at an licensed premises or hospitality venues in Australia. This includes anywhere that holds a liquor licence, such as liquor stores, RSL clubs, nightclubs, restaurants, and anywhere that serves alcohol. Following are some of the career paths that you can expect to follow once you’ve completed an RSA course and earned your Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate:

The possibilities that come with completing an RSA course are almost limitless. The qualification is so versatile it can help you get your foot in the door of just about any organisation and begin countless careers. From there you can easily move up into management positions, or maybe even start your own establishment once you’ve built up some experience and completed some additional training. There’s no rush, go at your own pace and see where an RSA can take you.

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SITHFAB021 – Provide responsible service of alcohol

A career in hospitality begins with earning a fully accredited RSA certificate. Being able to provide responsible service is an essential first step to countless hospitality industry jobs in Australia, so book an Responsible Service of Alcohol course today and open the door to a brand new, rewarding career.

The RSA course curriculum covers a wide range of topics that will provide you with all the necessary skills and knowledge to start working in the hospitality industry. 

1.1 Identify the provisions of relevant state or territory legislation, licensing requirements, house policy and responsible service of alcohol principles.

1.2. Where appropriate, request and obtain acceptable proof of age prior to sale or service.

1.3. Provide accurate information to customers on alcoholic beverages according to organisation or house policy and government legislation.

1.4. Assist customers with information on a range of non-alcoholic beverages available for purchase.

1.5. Identify issues related to the sale or service of alcohol to different types of customers, especially those at risk.

2.1. Use knowledge of industry requirements and professional standards to determine the volume for standard drinks or samples.

2.2. Use a professional manner to encourage customers to drink within appropriate limits.

2.3. Identify erratic drinking patterns as an early sign of possible intoxication and take appropriate action.

2.4. Monitor emotional and physical state of customers for signs of intoxication and signs of illicit or other drug use.

2.5. Where appropriate, offer food and non-alcoholic beverages in accordance with house policy.

2.6. Decline requests for alcohol to be dispensed in a manner that is irresponsible and advise customers of the reasons for the refusal.

3.1. Assess intoxication levels of customers using appropriate methods.

3.2. Identify factors that may affect individual responses to alcohol.

3.3. Identify customers to whom sale or service must be refused according to state and territory legislation.

4.1. Refuse sale or service in a professional manner, state reasons for the refusal, and where appropriate point out signage.

4.2. Provide appropriate assistance to customers when refusing service.

4.3. Where appropriate, give customers a verbal warning and ask them to leave the premises according to organisational or house requirements, the specific situation, and provisions of state or territory legislation and regulations.

4.4. Use appropriate communication and conflict resolution skills to handle difficult situations.

4.5. Refer difficult situations beyond the scope of own responsibility to the appropriate person.

4.6. Promptly identify situations that pose a threat to the safety or security of colleagues, customers or property, and seek assistance from appropriate colleagues according to organisational or house policy.


An RSA certificate, also known as a Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate, is a qualification required by individuals working in the hospitality industry in Australia. It demonstrates that the holder has the necessary knowledge and skills to serve alcohol responsibly and in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations.

To obtain an RSA certificate in Australia, individuals need to complete an accredited Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) course. This course can be completed in person or online through registered training organizations (RTOs) in each state or territory. Upon successful completion of the course, a nationally recognized RSA certificate is issued.

In Australia, anyone involved in the sale, supply, or service of alcohol is required to hold a valid RSA certificate. This includes bartenders, waitstaff, and venue managers working in licensed premises such as bars, restaurants, and bottle shops.

The legislation governing Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training varies from state to state. In some states like Queensland, RSA certificates have no expiration date, while in others, RSA certificates do expire and participants need to complete an RSA refresher course.

RSA legislation is subject to change, which means that RSA certificates which were once set to expire may have become permanent. To learn more about RSA legislation in your state and whether you need to take an RSA refresher course, please check with your state government.

An RSA certificate is not valid outside of the state it was earned in. Unfortunately, there is no universal interstate RSA qualification in Australia.

Yes, most of the time it is possible to transfer your RSA qualification to another state. This is known as RSA bridging. Depending on the state you are transferring to, you may simply be able to apply online, but in other instances taking a separate, RSA bridging course may be necessary.

No, there is no online RSA training or online course. Online courses for RSA are not present anywhere in Australia and cannot be completed online.

Instead of completing your RSA online, it must be completed in person with a nationally accredited training organisation such as Skills Training College. The different gambling and liquor regulation laws between each state prevent an online training or an online RSA course from being a possibility.

This again depends on which state you earned your RSA in. However, in some states, such as NSW, you can lose your RSA if your break liquor laws. Check with your local state government for further information.

If you lose your RSA statement of attainment you can request a new one. Depending on your state, you will either need to contact the state’s governing RSA body or the registered training organisation with whom you completed your RSA training.

An RSA qualification suits anyone who works in the hospitality industry, and there are plenty of beneficial courses that can be earned through our registered training organisation.

To help increase your chances of employment, you could combine your RSA certificate with an accredited barista certificate, a Responsible Service of Gambling certification or it’s a great certificate to have if you’re completing your Security Training.