Fatigue Management Course

TLIF2010 - Apply Fatigue Management Strategies

Get trained to not just manage fatigue but excel in the ever-evolving landscape of Transport and Logistics! TLIF2010 is your comprehensive guide with face-to-face sessions, empowering you to adapt seamlessly to changes in rosters, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and beyond! 

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Unlock a new level of professional excellence in the transport industry with our TLIF2010 – Apply Fatigue Management Strategies course, covering the TLISS00241 Fatigue Management Skill Set from the TLI Transport and Logistics Training Package.

This course, designed for those driving or managing heavy vehicles, not only aligns with the industry fatigue management requirements for individuals working within the supply chain sector but also offers a unique blend of training in roster adaptability, lifestyle integration techniques, and advanced compliance knowledge.

Master proactive measures, gain knowledge proficiency in the latest fatigue management technologies, and learn effective communication strategies. As an accredited CRICOS provider, we ensure that this specific unit is approved for international students studying in Australia, equipping you to navigate complex regulations, recognise fatigue symptoms, and implement life-saving strategies in dynamic work environments.

Join us to not only enhance your skill set but to also contribute to a safer, more efficient transport industry. Enroll now and be part of the change!


By completing this unit you will obtain the TLISS00241 – Fatigue Management Skill Set that will allow you to effectively identify, monitor and manage signs of fatigue.

Our TLIF2010 course, a nationally recognised unit in fatigue management training, is tailored to enhance your skills in adaptability for both basic and advanced fatigue management.

It equips you to manage fatigue in the transport industry, focusing on seamlessly integrating fatigue management strategies into changing rosters and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). This is essential for anyone involved in driving heavy vehicles or managing those who do.

Learn the critical aspects of lifestyle choices that affect fatigue management. This module is a key part of our fatigue management courses, designed to help you align personal well-being with the demands of the heavy vehicle industry. It’s especially beneficial for those looking to reduce driver fatigue and ensure safety in the road transport industry.

Gain expertise in implementing a fatigue risk management system as part of our advanced fatigue management accreditation. This training covers proactive measures to control and minimise fatigue risks in work environments, particularly for heavy vehicle drivers and supervisors in the transport industry.”

Navigate the complexities of compliance with national heavy vehicle regulator standards and vehicle accreditation scheme NHVAS. Our course offers a comprehensive understanding and application of fatigue management regulations, enhancing your professional standing in the transport industry.

Master the art of contextual adaptation, a crucial skill in fatigue risk management. This module prepares you to manage fatigue in various work contexts and environments with dynamic, flexible, real life strategies.

Develop technical proficiency in applying fatigue management strategies through our nationally recognised course. This training includes the implementation of new technologies such as driver retinal scanning and is a must for those seeking national heavy vehicle accreditation.

Learn to recognise and appropriately address fatigue symptoms, a key competency in fatigue management. This knowledge is crucial for drivers, supervisors, and managers in the transport industry to maintain safety and reduce potentially life threatening driver fatigue.

Enhance your skills in effective communication and collaborative strategies for fatigue management. This training, essential for all workers in the heavy vehicle and transport industry, fosters teamwork and a shared responsibility for a fatigue-safe workplace.


At Skills Training College we believe that practical, hands-on training is important. Our TLIF2010 – Apply Fatigue Management Strategies course is conducted entirely in-person with a full day session (4 hours) at our training facility.

This includes all theory and assessment methods for this course which include:

  • Practical Demonstrations: Role playing/Simulated scenarios
  • Knowledge Assessment
  • Project

The knowledge assessment is a number of multiple-choice  questions about all of the things in ‘Fatigue Management Knowledge’. As well as this, you have to show that you can follow workplace procedures to prepare for and complete 3 different fatigue management scenarios. Finally, you must contribute to a discussion about improving fatigue management.


Skills Training College’s trainers provide affordable training with our course fee consisting of a single payment of $99 for all students.

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 There are no academic entry requirements for this fatigue management course. However to be eligible for this course students must meet the following conditions:

  • Students must be 16 years or older. Students under the age of 18 must submit a signed Parental Consent Form before undertaking any course with Skills Training College.
  • Literacy skills must be at the level needed to complete the pre-reading and understand safety signs.
  • Students must have a USI number.

This course is available for both domestic and international students wishing to increase their skills and knowledge in fatigue management.

Fatigue Management Training Locations

Skills Training College has training facilities across Australia providing high-quality training and education to domestic and international students. This CRICOS registered security course is offered at the following Skills Training College training facilities:


Adelaide Fatigue Management Course Training Venue - Grenfell Street Adelaide -Skills Training College

Situated in the heart of Adelaide, our Adelaide Fatigue Management course facility boasts excellent accessibility. It’s well-connected to public transportation, and you’ll find parking options within easy walking distance from our location.


Salisbury Fatigue Management Course Training Venue - Skills Training College

Our Salisbury Fatigue Management training venue is conveniently located and easy to get to. With ample free parking and easy access to public transport just a quick walk away.


Where can Apply Fatigue Management Strategies Take Your Career?

Designed for both drivers and management in the Transport and Logistics sector, our expert-led training will give you the competence and confidence to excel in your career while prioritising well-being and compliance.

Join us at Skills Training College and Boost Your Career in Transport and Logistics today!

Please note: this course is not endorsed by the NHVR

Employment Opportunities

The Transport sector is expanding with increased growth each year. This course prepares you for a thriving sector, especially in Road Freight Transport, the largest employment area.

Future Job Security

Projected 6.1% industry growth by 2026 signifies robust demand for skilled professionals. This course sets you up for success in some of the industry's top occupations.

Career Advancement and Higher Earning

Gain vital skills for the largest sector, enhancing job prospects and opportunities for supervisory roles, leading to increased earning potential.


Completing the ‘Apply Fatigue Management Strategies’ course opens new avenues in the transport industry, enhancing the employability and career progression of those in truck driving, management, and supervisory roles. It’s an essential step for those committed to safety and efficiency in their professional journey.

  • Improved Job Prospects in Truck Driving and Management: This course provides a solid foundation for individuals starting their careers in the transport industry, particularly in truck driving and management roles. With the specialised skills in fatigue management, individuals can demonstrate a commitment to safety and efficiency, making them more attractive to potential employers in the transport sector.
  • Advancement in Safety and Compliance Roles: The course’s in-depth focus on compliance with national heavy vehicle regulator standards prepares individuals for roles centered on safety and compliance, critical areas in the transport industry.
  • Eligibility for Advanced Supervisory Positions: Acquiring skills in implementing fatigue management strategies and recognising fatigue symptoms equips individuals for supervisory roles. These positions often require a keen understanding of driver safety and vehicle management, areas directly addressed in the course.
  • Enhanced Opportunities for Independent Contractors: For those working as independent contractors, particularly in truck driving and related fields, this course can enhance their credibility and marketability. This qualification can help in attracting more clients and securing higher-value contracts.
By completing this course you’ll acquire The TLISS00241 Fatigue Management Skill Set. This skill set from the TLI Transport and Logistics Training Package meets the industry fatigue management requirements for individuals undertaking work within the supply chain sector making it perfect for those looking to enhance their knowledge in the industry.
Professional truck driver managing fatigue for safer roads - Skills Training College Fatigue Management Training.


1. Identify and Act on Signs of Fatigue

2. Implement Strategies to Minimise Fatigue


No, while a nationally accredited training course, TLIF2010 is not endorsed by the NHVR.

This course is designed to train participants in managing and excelling in fatigue management within the Transport and Logistics sector. It covers various aspects including adaptability in rosters and SOPs, lifestyle integration, risk management, and more.

It is ideal for both drivers and management in the Transport and Logistics sector, aiming to enhance their skills in fatigue management.

Skills Training College runs courses across Australia. Our face-to-face fatigue management training is currently offered in Adelaide and Salisbury. 

The face-to-face component is 5 hours. Additional time should be allocated for pre-reading and workbook completion beforehand.

The course covers adaptability in rosters and SOPs, lifestyle integration, precautions and proactive measures, legislation and procedures mastery, contextual adaptation, technical proficiency, recognizing fatigue symptoms, and collaborative fatigue management.

Participants must be 16 or older, if aged under 18 students must have a signed parent consent form. Basic literacy skills and enclosed footwear for the training session are required. A Unique Student Identifier (USI) is also necessary.

Assessments include practical demonstrations, a knowledge assessment with multiple-choice questions, and projects involving fatigue management scenarios and discussions.

The course fee is $199, with details available in our Fees and Refunds Policy.

The course enhances your professional standing in the transport industry by equipping you with essential skills in fatigue management, compliance, and safety, making you a valuable asset in managing and reducing driver fatigue.