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Skills Training College is your go-to provider for quality operational forklift training that’s designed with your needs in mind. As a registered training organisation, Skills Training College is a leading provider of premium vocational education delivering accredited and unaccredited courses to thousands of satisfied domestic and international students across Australia each year.

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Boost your job readiness quickly by joining our unaccredited Forklift Truck Operation Course. This program offers practical training under the guidance of experienced instructors, enabling you to excel in forklift control. Our focus on safety ensures that you’ll be versed in critical safety measures, risk control strategies, and optimal practices suited for diverse workplaces.

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Mastering forklift operations demands the correct skills and attention to detail which are crucial for maintaining both safety and productivity across different commercial environments.

At Skills Training College, we’ve developed a comprehensive forklift training curriculum aimed at equipping learners with both the theoretical understanding and practical experience necessary for proficient forklift operation.

Our training sessions include operational strategies, cargo management, maintenance procedures, and adherence to safety standards and protocols, all aligned with current industry benchmarks.

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Getting your forklift licence is easy with Skills Training College!

There’s no previous academic or work experience requirement to enrol. However there are some minimum eligibility requirements all students have to meet including:


Students must be at least 18 years of age to enrol in a forklift course


Students must possess basic proficiency in written and verbal English


Students must possess basic physical fitness to perform manual tasks such as moving patients.


Students must have steel-capped or safety boots and the correct PPE gear to undergo training


Getting a forklift licence is easy and it all starts with forklift training at a national recognised training organisation like Skills Training College. 

The specific application process and documentation required can vary slightly between states/territories. But in general you can get your HRW licence in three easy steps:

1. Forklift Licence Training

Start by signing up for a forklift training course through a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) such as Skills Training College.

This course isn’t just textbook stuff; it’s a blend of theory, a bit of maths, and hands-on forklift maneuvering.

Once you pass the entire course you’re on your way.

Post-training, the RTO will hand over a Statement of Attainment along with a Notice of Assessment.

It’s then time to hustle your High Risk Work Licence (HRWL) application off to WorkSafe. This is the agency with the keys to your licensing.

Just be aware that it could take up to 60 days for WorkSafe to give your HRWL the green light. If the clock ticks past two months, give them a shout directly.

Your freshly minted licence will be good for five years.

Keep an eye on the expiry date, because renewing it is a cinch with a quick trip to your local Australia Post, armed with a renewal letter from WorkSafe.

But if you let it lapse for over a year, you’re back to square one with the full refresher training course.


Skills Training College is a registered training organisation and leading provider of quality vocational education programs across various domains such as hospitality, industrial, healthcare, security, building, and emergency response.

Trusted for our dedication to excellence and inclusivity, we successfully train thousands of Australians annually. As one of the top training providers in the country, we are committed to offering education and training that’s affordable and available to people from all backgrounds.

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There are a few steps you must follow in order to get a forklift licence including:

  1. Meet the Requirements: You gotta be at least 18 years old and have a basic understanding of the English language. Oh, and you also need 100 points of ID (like your passport or driver’s licence).
  2. Enroll in the Course: Join a 2-3 day forklift training program at a WorkSafe-approved RTO. You’ll learn both theoretical and practical aspects necessary to become a pro forklift driver.
  3. Pass the Assessment: On the last day of the course, you’ll have to pass a series of evaluations, including theoretical, numerical, and driving tests. If you do well, you’ll get your Notice of Assessment (NOA).
  4. Apply for the Licence: After completing the assessment, you’ll need to submit your NOA, L2 Application Form, and a photo ID at an Australia Post office within 60 days.
  5. Get Your Licence: Once your application is processed, you’ll receive a High-Risk Work Licence that’s valid for five years.

The process of applying for a forklift licence can vary from state to state. We recommend checking with the relevant state or territory body regarding forklift/HRW licence criteria before enrolling in any forklift course.

If you need to renew your forklift licenxe, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Gather Your Documents: You’ll need a photo of your licence, the renewal fee, and 100 points of ID (like a passport or driver’s licence).
  2. Submit Your Application: If your licence expired less than a year ago, you can renew online or at an Australia Post office. It’s super quick and easy!
  3. Renew on Time: Don’t forget to renew your forklift licence before it expires to avoid any fines. Plus, your licence is good for 5 whole years.
  4. Forklift Refresher Training: If your licence expired over a year ago, you’ll need to retake the full forklift training course to renew it. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you every step of the way!

In Australia, a High Risk Work (HRW) Licence which includes powered industrial trucks such as a forklift, continues to be valid for five years. Renewal is straightforward if done within 12 months after expiration. After the licence has been expired for 12 months or more, a full training course and assessment are required for renewal.

The cost of a forklift licence varies by Australian state and territory but to give some examples, the price in South Australia is around $92, New South Wales is around $77, Queensland approximately $100 and in Victoria expect to pay about $67.

As you can see, pricing for a HRW license varies significantly from state to state. We recommend you check your applicable state government website for more detailed information or any updates in pricing/renewals.

Yes. In Australia a forklift licence is also known as a High Risk Work Licence (HRW) and is needed to legally drive a forklift truck.

It is in fact illegal to operate a forklift without the necessary HRW certification and doing so may lead to fines and penalties.

Yes, the cost of obtaining and renewing a forklift licence in Australia can generally be claimed as a tax deduction, as long as the licence is required for your employment.

The deduction can be claimed in the year the expenses were incurred and on the proviso that you have not already been reimbursed by your employer for the costs. It’s important to consult with your accountant or taxation professional about claiming education/courses on tax.

To obtain a forklift licence you need to complete a forklift training course with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that is also authorised by the workplace safety authority in your state/territory to issue High Risk Work (HRW) licences.

At Skills Training College we offer forklift training in our Adelaide training facility. 

You will be required to refresh your entire forklift training if you have allowed your HRW licence to lapse for greater than 12 months. Up until the 12 month period after expiry, you may simply apply for a new licence using the renewal form online at your state government website or at an Australia Post office.