HLTWHS005 – Conduct manual tasks safely

Manual Handling Course for Healthcare Workers

For affordable fees, experienced trainers and same-day certificates, you can’t go past Skills Training College.

Skills Training College (RTO#45654 | CRICOS #03884A) offers the nationally recognised Manual Handling Course, the  HLTWHS005 Conduct manual tasks safely  unit. This course trains people in manual handling in a healthcare setting. So, this training is for nurses, aged care workers, physios, healthcare professionals and students preparing for a clinical placement. It’s endorsed by the Australian College of Nursing.

LocationCourse TitleTraining BeginsPrice
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Brisbane CBD Ann Street

Brisbane CBD Ann Street
Level 1, 345 ANN STREET

HLTWHS005 - Conduct Manual Tasks SafelyMon, 18 Dec 2023
9:00am - 1:30pm
Brisbane CBD Ann Street

Brisbane CBD Ann Street
Level 1, 345 ANN STREET

HLTWHS005 - Conduct Manual Tasks SafelyFri, 22 Dec 2023
9:00am - 1:30pm

Where can ‘Conduct manual tasks safely’ take your career?

Our Manual Handling Course is one of those essential courses that you need to take to further your career in the healthcare industry. The HLTWH005 Conduct manual tasks safely is the current nationally accredited qualification for all sorts of roles in healthcare. It gives you the skills and knowledge to recognise potentially hazardous manual tasks, so that you can complete those tasks in a safe manner.

How is the manual handling course delivered?

The manual tasks training is face-to-face at a centre that is fully equipped with hospital beds, hoists and slide sheets. Because the course is all about manual handling, you get plenty of plenty of hands-on practice with this equipment.

Course Duration: The face-to-face component of the course lasts for 4 hours, but you must do some reading and complete the questions in a workbook beforehand. How long this takes depends on your abilities, but you should set aside a few hours to do it.

What will you learn in the Manual Handling Course?

This course will teach you how to identify manual tasks involving risk. You’ll learn how to prepare for manual tasks and how to safely complete them. In addition to this, you will learn how to contribute to safe work practices in your workplace. Other things in the course include learning about body postures and things like repositioning your feet while turning or using your leg muscles to do the bulk of lifting.

What are the entry requirements?

The only entry requirement is that you should be 18 or older (anyone between 14 and 18 needs signed permission from a parent or guardian). Because it is a manual handling course, you must be physically capable of performing manual tasks.

You should wear enclosed footwear and casual clothes for the face-to-face training session.

Literacy skills must be at the level needed to complete the pre-reading and understand safety signs.

USI – Unique Student Identifier

You will need a USI. They are easy to apply for at this site.

International Students

International students must have the right student visa (check with Department of Home Affairs) and already be doing a principal course with a CRICOS provider. Minimum English language skills are a requirement.

Manual Handling Knowledge

 There are a surprising amount of things that you need to know about manual handling. During the course  you will learn about:

  • The national code of practice and work health and safety (WHS) regulations relating to manual tasks.
  • Manual handling safety roles and responsibilities.
  • Getting involved in workplace health and safety
  • The reporting procedures for workplace compensation and injury claims.
  • The risk management of manual tasks.
  • Risk factors such as repetition, vibration, forces, postures and systems of work
  • Injuries that can result from certain types of manual task.
  • The function of the spine
  • How to prepare the load/client
  • Useful body postures
  • How to prepare the environment.
  • Kinds of muscles
  • How levers work
  • Using the more powerful muscles in the legs where possible, instead of back muscles
  • Lifting and carrying while maintaining a neutral spine
  • The use of two hands to carry or lift
  • Keeping the load as close as possible to the body’s centre of gravity
  • Not lifting objects over shoulder height
  • Keeping repetitive movements to a minimum
  • Not holding positions for long periods of time
  • Not twisting by repositioning feet when turning
  • Tools and equipment for lifting

What are the Conduct manual tasks safely course assessment methods?

  The assessment methods are:

  • Practical Demonstrations: Role playing/Simulated scenarios
  • Knowledge Assessment
  • Project

The knowledge assessment is a number of multiple-choice  questions about all of the things in ‘Manual Handling Knowledge’. As well as this, you have to show that you can follow workplace procedures to prepare for and complete 3 different manual tasks. Finally, you must contribute to a discussion about improving manual handling.

What are the Conduct manual tasks safely course fees?

The Manual Handling Course is available for only $165.

Please see Fees and Refunds Policy for more information.

Same Day Certificates 

If you successfully complete this course we will award you a Statement of Attainment for HTLWHS005 Conduct manual tasks safely. Skills Training College issues these statements via email on the day that you successfully complete the training (subject to certain conditions). In order to issue your Statement of Attainment without delay, we need to have your USI and completed pre-course reading workbook.

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