First Aid Course Glenorchy

First Aid & CPR Course Glenorchy

Skills Training College is an accredited training institution offering a diverse range of vocational education courses in Glenorchy. Our course catalog includes comprehensive training in first aid and CPR, open to all individuals interested in acquiring these crucial life-saving skills.

As a nationally recognised training institution endorsed by the Australian Skills Quality Authority, we take pride in delivering the finest CPR and first aid courses available in Glenorchy. Our adept trainers offer students the opportunity to acquire essential first aid skills and knowledge, empowering them not only to save lives but also to advance their careers.

By completing a first aid or CPR course you’ll earn a nationally recognised certificate which demonstrates your initiative and dedication to future employers. It’s also a great opportunity to do some social networking.

For those in Glenorchy seeking to master these vital skills, we offer a wide array of choices in first aid and CPR courses. With diverse course offerings, flexible options, and varying levels of instruction, we’re confident you’ll find a program that perfectly aligns with your needs.

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First Aid Course Glenorchy


The accredited course HLTAID011 Provide First Aid, is vital for learning the skills involved in responding to emergencies, accidents, and other life-threatening situations. Among the essential emergency first aid response skills taught in our courses are wound cleansing and dressing techniques, proper utilisation of an Epi-Pen, understanding the significance of the recovery position, delivering basic emergency life support, and effectively articulating emergency situations over the phone to aid medical responders. You’ll also learn how to safely manage the following first aid situations:

  • Vomiting
  • Choking
  • Asthma
  • Bleeding
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Shock
  • Broken bones
  • Dislocations, fractures, sprains, and strains

At STC, our first aid training courses involve three (3) hours of hands-on, in-person training. Sessions encompass comprehensive material readings, presentations, practical activities, and culminate with assessment tasks. Upon successful completion, you’ll receive a nationally recognised first aid certificate.

First aid and CPR knowledge are essential skill sets. A medical emergency can occur at any time, and you can’t help if you don’t possess these practical skills. In these moments, you don’t have time to search how to perform first aid, you need to already know, and that’s only possible through accredited training.


Taking a first aid course is something that everyone should do. It’s importance cannot be overmphasised. By taking a first aid course, you will be able to make a difference when accidents or crisis situations occur. Acquiring first aid skills empowers you to lend a helping hand in moments of crisis.

First aid expertise is imperative in any setting, not limited to medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, or paramedics. Emergencies requiring first aid can arise anywhere – at work, school, or even at home. There’s no occupation where possessing a first aid certificate isn’t advantageous.

If you’ve completed foundational first aid training, consider advancing your expertise to remain adept in handling various first aid scenarios. At STC, we offer specialised courses like advanced first aid training and childcare first aid courses to enhance your skill set.

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CPR Course Glenorchy

The HLTAID009 Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation course is an accredited program tailored to educate individuals on identifying cardiac emergencies and executing safe intervention procedures.

CPR, although a component of first aid, stands as a distinct discipline. Specifically designed for individuals familiar with first aid but lacking CPR knowledge or those seeking an abbreviated emergency response course, CPR training condenses vital skills into a concise program.

In a CPR course, participants acquire the necessary CPR steps, mnemonic aids ensuring long-term retention, and techniques adapted for both adults and children. Completion of this 90-minute face-to-face training results in a nationally recognised certification verifying newfound proficiencies.

Conducted at our Glenorchy training facility on 1A Anfield Street, easily accessible by car with nearby parking facilities. Our CPR courses are offered at $39 per person.

Glenorchy CPR Refresher Course

The Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) strongly advises CPR training refreshment every twelve months to uphold proficiency in critical lifesaving skills. In an emergency necessitating CPR, the ability to act swiftly and confidently is imperative, underscoring the need for ingrained, well-practiced skills.

A CPR refresher course is the same as a regular CPR course in every aspect. Courses last for 90 minutes, cost $39 per person, and are conducted from our training room at Level 1/345 Ann Street in Glenorchy.

Enrolment & Eligibility

Skills Training College’s courses in first aid and CPR require no previous academic or professional qualifications to enrol. Nonetheless, all students must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Basic written and verbal English is needed for understanding the course materials and completing the training and assessment activities.
  • All students must be 18 years old or provide a permission form signed by a parent or guardian.
  • Students require a Unique Student Identifier (USI) Number. If you’ve studied before you may already have one which you can find by searching online.
  • Possess basic levels of fitness and physical ability.


Skills Training College is a leading registered training organisation offering Australia’s best training courses in first aid and CPR. Here’s why you should choose us for your first aid qualification:

Price Matching

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Course Availability

We've got plenty of dates and times to suit any schedule!

Same Day Certification

Prove your newfound skills almost immediately with same-day certifications.

Nationally Recognised Training

Get accredited and utilise your skills anywhere in Australia.

CRICOS Approved Training

Our courses are available to both domestic and international students.


Although a first aid certificate doesn’t have an expiry date, the dynamic nature of first aid practices warrants regular refresher training every three years. This ensures that your skills and knowledge remain contemporary and aligned with evolving best practices. At Skills Training College in Glenorchy, we provide refresher first aid courses to guarantee that your first aid expertise remains up-to-date.

While a CPR certification doesn’t have an official expiration, it’s advisable to engage in regular CPR refresher training to keep skills sharp and updated. The Australian Resuscitation Council suggests undertaking CPR refresher training every twelve months to ensure proficiency and readiness in emergency situations.

If your first aid certification is misplaced or stolen, please contact us, and we’ll guide you through the necessary steps to obtain a replacement.

Yes, Skills Training College offers group training at your workplace or organisation. This is an excellent opportunity for organisations, businesses, and groups to ensure their members are equipped with these vital life-saving skills.

If you’re looking to book a course for a group, whether it’s for a workplace team, a community group, or a gathering of friends and family in Glenorchy, we can provide a tailored solution that meets your needs at affordable rates. Please contact us for more information on group bookings and to discuss the specific requirements for your group.

The evaluation of these courses primarily involves practical training and assessment exercises.

First aid courses examine both your knowledge and practical skills in emergency response situations. Assessments cover various aspects, including demonstrating basic emergency life support skills, and sometimes involve written evaluations.

In contrast, CPR assessment solely focuses on observing your proficiency in performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

It’s essential for everyone, not just medical experts, to enroll in a first aid or CPR course. Acquiring these critical life-saving skills enables individuals to play a significant role in emergencies.

Beyond medical fields, having a first aid or CPR certificate is especially advantageous for those interacting with children, be it in home settings or educational environments.

Emergencies are unpredictable; they can happen anywhere, including workplaces. Hence, we strongly advocate for workplace first aid training to prepare individuals to respond to various emergency situations. Investing in First Aid and CPR training demonstrates dedication to workplace safety and can lead to further career advancement opportunities.

Taking a CPR course is a component of obtaining a first aid certification. Consequently, a first aid qualification can be viewed as additional education following a CPR course. Advanced resuscitation qualifications also fall under this category.

Finishing a first aid course presents numerous opportunities for further exploration within the realm of first aid. These advanced first aid courses encompass:

  • HLTAID012 Provide First Aid in an education and care setting
  • HLTAID013 Provide First Aid in a remote or isolated site
  • HLTAID014 Provide Advanced First Aid
  • HLTAID015 Provide advanced resuscitation and oxygen therapy
  • HLTAID016 Manage first aid services and resources

Not all of these qualifications are available through Skills Training College.

Skills Training College provides an exceptional array of first aid courses that meet Glenorchy’s requirements. Our training facility situated in the CBD offers convenient accessibility for many, and we also have training sites in nearby North Hobart.

Additionally, we have numerous locations across various states, making our courses accessible throughout Australia. To check if we offer a first aid course near your location, explore the locations tab at the top of our website.

Skills Training College presents an extensive selection of nationally accredited courses. Apart from our comprehensive first aid courses in Glenorchy, we provide training across diverse fields such as hospitality, healthcare, security, construction, and more.

Explore the courses tab on our website to find a comprehensive list of all our available training courses. There’s a wide array of options available, catering to various career paths and interests.