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Training International Students

Are you an international student from a foreign country?

Australian universities and other higher education institutions have systems in place to help you find work while you’re in the country. However, often the jobs you get are remedial skilled or low paying. Our short courses and quick qualifications help international students find better work by giving them specific, industry-tailored skills and experience and awarding them with nationally recognised qualifications.

International students enrolled in our courses not only have fun, they excel in their studies thanks to the friendly and supportive learning environment that our trainers provide. Ultimately, many international students are rewarded with stable employment and a significant proportion of them stay in their newfound positions for the long term, eventually moving up into senior and management roles.

Download our International Student Handbook to learn more about CRICOS training with Skills Training College.

Who We Are

Skills Training College is a leading registered training organisation in Australia. Our courses cater to the needs of both domestic and international students. Australia is one the best countries in the world when it comes to supporting international students, proven by how often they return to our shores or even choose to remain here permanently and our courses are a part of the reason why.

Our vocational education courses help international students find work and support themselves while they study in Australia. Anyone in the country on an appropriate student visa, including those in a student exchange program, can enrol in one of our courses specifically designed for international students, better shaping their future regardless of whether they stay in Australia when they’re done.

Skills Training College’s trainers are passionate and dedicated provides of the best courses this country has to offer international students. If you’re in the country on a student visa and are looking for work while you study, then secure your time in Australia with one of our courses. All overseas students studying here are welcome.

Our CRICOS Status

The Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) is a register maintained by the Australian Government that lists all education institutions approved to offer courses to international students studying in Australia on Student Visas.

CRICOS ensures these institutions meet quality education standards and provide a safe and supportive environment for overseas students. It also helps regulate the Australian education system, providing transparency and ensuring that registered institutions comply with specific rules and regulations relating to international education.

As a CRICOS registered training organisation, Skills Training college is proud to uphold these values.

International Students - Skills Training College

As part of our commitment to providing quality education to international students studying in Australia we ensure our courses are delivered to students through identical methods. Therefore, all of our courses have basic English language requirements, and international students must first pass an English language test to prove their English language proficiency before enrolling in certain courses.

Our CRICOS Registered Courses

International students are welcome to enrol in any short course Skills Training College offers. A short course includes any course with a duration of less than one day.

At Skills Training College we offer a range of courses that provide the skills and knowledge to assist with entering the workforce and starting a career in your chosen field.

Presently, the only longer form course we are able to offer overseas students is out security course. Skills Training College’s international student security training course is available from Brisbane and Adelaide only.

Explore our full range of courses and find one that suits you!

International Student Eligibility

International students wishing to apply to one of our courses must be in Australia on a relevant student visa.

Often this is a student visa or other temporary visa with a subclass 500, meaning students must already be in the country studying with an Australian university.

Prospective international students must receive all relevant legal and travel documents from their home country before they can enter Australia.

International Students - Skills Training College

Our Locations

Skills Training College’s locations can be conveniently found all over Australia.

Whichever city you’re studying in, there’s sure to be a course near you. All of our training locations are easily accessible by both car and by public transport, meaning that there are countless opportunities for international students to find something which best suits their needs.

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If you’re an international student studying in Australia on a student visa, and you’re looking for rewarding employment during your time studying in this country, then Skills Training College can help you find what you’re looking for. Take a look at our many international student courses and choose the best possible future for yourself.

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Our courses are nationally recognised where possible depending on Australian laws. This means they are recognised all over Australia. However, foreign affairs and laws may prevent our qualifications from being recognised in your home country.

If you are a genuine temporary entrant enrolled with us, it is best to check with educational authorities back home to confirm whether or not your qualification will still be recognised outside Australia.

Skills Training College’s courses are conducted across fulltime hours, Monday to Friday. This means that studying more than one at a time is functionally impossible.

Many of our courses are first steps towards further qualifications. For example, those who successfully complete an RSA, RSG, or barista training course take steps toward a hospitality career which presents opportunities to earn Certificates II, III, or IV. However, these course are not always offered through us.

To find out if the specific course you are studying or looking at has further leaning possibilities, reach out to us and we’ll be happy to provide you with the answer. It is also worthwhile reaching out to your world university support services to discuss postgraduate programs or graduate school options.

Our course fees cover everything included as part of your course. There are no additional tuition fees or school fees. That said, our course fees do not cover anything to do with your student visa, visa application fee, or any licence you need to apply for with the Australian government at the conclusion of your course.

Yes. If you are an overseas students who is currently studying or about to study in Australia then you are more than welcome to work while you complete our course or a university course, so long as you have the correct student visa credentials.

Your work does not necessarily have to be related to your university or doctoral degree either. For example, students may complete a security training course and go on to work in security while studying medicine or another unrelated discipline at university.

If you are a potential student visa applicant than the best way to ensure that you receive a student visa with the correct credentials is to check with your country’s visa issuing authority when you fill out your visa application form as part of the application process. They will coordinate with the Australian home affairs department to ensure student visa applicants’ temporary visa have the credentials they need.

Obtaining adequate health insurance is one of the mandatory entry requirements for obtaining and maintaining a student visa in Australia. Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is designed to provide medical and hospital insurance coverage to international students during their stay in Australia.

Skills Training College does not offer accommodation for any of out students. Accommodation options are available through most Australian universities, and these must be resolved before you enter Australia.

Our training locations are easily found all over Australia. Once you’ve settled into your university course there’s bound to be one near you so that you don’t have to worry about travelling or finding overnight accommodation while studying with us.