What Does The White Card Course Teach

What Does The White Card Course Teach?

Welcome to Skills Training College. If you have not read our blog article what are White Cards, we suggest you start with the article explaining what a White Card is and why you need one. If you have read that article and seek to dig a little deeper into what a White Card course teaches its participants and how they are conducted online and in person, this is the article for you.

What Does The White Card Course Teach Participants

We know that a White Card certifies the holder to gain access to construction worksites anywhere in Australia, but what does a White Card training involve? Is it complicated and difficult to learn with a lot of red tape and paperwork, or is it more hands-on and practical?

The answer is that it is a combination of the two options. There is a theory and paperwork component that can be completed online and in your own time that is concluded when you pass the online quiz exam. Then you move onto the face-to-face component and receive oral instructions, verbal tutoring, and physical demonstrations. Once your assessor is happy you are competent, you will be given the final exam assessment. 

Successful participants will receive their temporary certification on the same day so they can return to the worksite while they wait for their paperwork to be processed and their plastic White Card to be issued by the relevant governing body.

Course Topics Covered By The White Card Includes:

  • Proof of training and competency
  • Hazards and risk assessments
  • Report incidents of safety breaches and workplace accidents
  • Safe workplace behaviour and conduct
  • Safe work method statement/job safety analysis, acts, regulations, codes of practice, and industry standards.
  • WorkSafe inspectors’ powers
  • Employers’ and employees’ responsibilities
  • Health and safety committees
  • Health and safety reporting processes
  • OHS incident and emergency response procedures

What Does White Card Training Involve

The Skills Training College CPCWHS1001 Prepare To Work Safely In The Construction Industry training course is split into four components:

  • A written component with quiz exam.
  • A verbal component oral presentation (reports, explanations, and discussions)
  • A practical demonstration component
  • Competency assessment exam and certification

In addition, you will learn when and how to use personal protective equipment (PPE), including hard hats, safety boots, eye protection, hearing protection, and hi-vis vests.

Can You Do White Card Courses Online

Yes and no. Clear as mud, right? The short answer is that Covid-19 changed the way the industry issued certification, and you will be required to check what your State or Territory requirements are post-Covid in 2022 as they all differ. Some still have lingering restrictions, while others have returned to normal practice.

At the time of writing this article, it is possible to do a large part of the theory side of the course online. However, Australian construction workers can only obtain the White Card by taking face-to-face training in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Northern Territory, Tasmania, and Victoria, as they all require face-to-face training and assessment to verify certification and competency.

Can You Apply For A White Card Online In WA

The WA state government allows you to apply for a White Card online and will issue residents of WA with White Cards through online courses provided by registered RTOs. Western Australia is a law unto itself, and workers are able to take the White Card course online in full. That said, do your due diligence and visit their website for the latest changes to their methods of delivery and changes to their course delivery requirements before you book your place on an RTO course.

At the time of writing, WA is the only state that does not require a face-to-face assessment component to gain White Card certification.

What To Wear To A White Card Training Course

What do I wear to White Card training is often a question asked by participants. The answer is your normal work attire will suffice and make it easier for you to undertake the demonstration component, as you will be wearing what you would normally wear to work anyway. You should be comfortable, and your clothing must meet all of the industry standards for personal workplace safety.

Please wear long pants, a long sleeve shirt, and closed shoes, preferably hard caps or safety boots.

Post-Covid, it is advisable for you to bring your own Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as hi-vis vests, hard hats, eye protection or safety glasses, and hearing protection to ideally prevent and reduce the spread of any potential contagions. It is also nice to be comfortable in your own things as they are a uniform requirement on all worksites.

White Card Application Form

Your White Card application form can be found on the webpage of your RTO after you have enrolled in the course of your choice. Once you have completed the required fields of information and we have processed the payment, your details will be forwarded to the trainer of the course you booked. Once they have your details and USI, and you have completed the online component, they will run you through the practical course material and assess your competency. The trainer processes the paperwork on the spot, on the day, and you leave with your certification and White Card in hand. (Saturday course is exempt) See how to apply for a White Card course, if you want to dig deeper.

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