Top 5 Casual Jobs In Brisbane

Top 5 Casual Jobs In Brisbane

Are you looking for casual jobs in Brisbane to supplement your income?

What is the job market like in Brisbane? What are the top five trending casual jobs, and what can you do to increase your chances of landing one in the lead-up to Christmas 2022?

Top 5 Casual Jobs

1. Tutors

Tutoring is one vocation that never falls far from the top five in any list of wanted ads. Tutors in all academic subjects are highly sort-after. Tutors of musical instruments and even yoga and personal trainers all fall under the umbrella of a tutor. The salary can vary greatly depending on the difficulty of the subject matter and the age and experience level of the tutor.

At a starting price of $20 per hour, tutoring can be a lucrative side hustle or means to earn some quick cash as a casual job in Brisbane in 2022.

2. Retail Staff

The retail sector is always advertising for casual staff to fill positions, and with the approach of Christmas 2022, while most people groan and don’t want to think about it, now is the perfect time to be hitting the retail stores’ websites and going to their ‘careers’ tabs to see what casual positions are available for the Christmas period to come, and what are available now.

Websites that list available jobs like:

Also are a goldmine when seeking a casual job. The downside is that the process of applying for and waiting for potential feedback can take a month and is at the mercy of the potential employer’s screening protocols.

Student Super offers some more in-depth retail suggestions.

3. Café Baristas

Anywhere you go in Queensland, you can find people with a takeaway coffee in their hand and a smile on their faces. The person who puts that smile on their face is their barista, and that is because their barista makes the best range of coffees on the planet! 

You too can take a course and quickly become a highly sort after barista in one day. Yep, you read that correctly. You can gain national recognition and certification as a barista in one day and then apply for the multitude of ‘baristas’ wanted’ ads on every jobseeker website to be found advertising for baristas in your area.

Skills Training College offers an intense five-hour barista course and guarantees, “You emerge with highly marketable skills that are in demand for only $149.”

What are you waiting for? With Christmas around the corner, now is the ideal time to get your coffee-making certificate and apply for casual Christmas positions that will be advertised once spring arrives in preparation for the busy Christmas and summer season.

4. Delivery Drivers

Spending your day in a vehicle, fighting traffic and road works is not most people’s idea of a rewarding job and fun time. As a result, despite the high volume of work for delivery drivers, the number of people looking to fill the positions is disproportionately low. That means great news for anyone with a full licence and the ability to follow any of the products that give door-to-door navigation directions. While some companies give you an assigned vehicle, others require you to have and use your own vehicle to deliver the items.

It is also important to note that delivery drivers can range from push-bike pizza and food delivery services to Australia Post contractors delivering your postal goods.

Many delivery companies advertise for casual and temporary delivery drivers in the lead-up to Christmas due to the explosion in the number of goods needing to be delivered to the door. Delivery drivers are in high demand year-round, and so long as your driver’s license is valid and clean, you are highly likely to land a job quickly.

5. Online Survey Takers

Not everyone wants to or is able to leave the house for a range of reasons. Disability and parenthood are two examples of housebound people that traditionally have been excluded from the casual job market and job market at large.

Times have changed, and with the influence of Social media, the population allows to regulate their lives, likes, and acquisitions, it has become a multi-billion dollar business. DATA is the most valuable currency on the planet. For those who live behind a computer and have nothing else to do, you can earn some surprisingly good money by becoming a professional online survey taker.

There are a host of websites and companies to be found with a quick engine search, and depending on the survey, the company and the length, they pay anything from $20 per survey to $50 per survey. You would need to read the fine print on each of the web pages as the data you supply might be more than you intend for them to have, but if you have basic computer skills and a love of giving your opinion to others about things, this could be your forte and a fantastic side-hustle or main source of income for the truly dedicated.