Want The Highest-Paying Teen Jobs In 2022

Highest Paying Teen Jobs In 2022

The highest-paying teen jobs in 2022 have changed dramatically in the last two years. What was once considered to be traditional has now become almost obsolete. How we go about doing traditional jobs has also changed.

Thanks to the global pandemic of Covid-19 and its endless string of variants, the necessity to transfer staff out of traditional vocations carried out in offices, and onsite buildings to the home environment mandated changes that took effect seemingly overnight and were barely a blip on the radar.

In the wake of the global shift from office to the home office, the portal opened a variety of new careers and pathways to people who would not previously have been deemed suitable or qualified. The shift from working 9-5 hours has taken on a level of flexibility that amazingly increased productivity when replaced with the autonomy to work hours that suited the employee and allowed for a balanced life while still meeting the work demands.


Highest Paying Teens Jobs In 2022

If you think the standard battery of fast-food, retail, or supermarket jobs earn big money, then you are sadly mistaken and working hard, not smart. Today’s youth do not need to enter the menial, non-skills-based employment workforce. They are taught from the womb to use artificial intelligence and technology. That knowledge has opened lucrative doors for children as young as ten to earn huge sums of money from their bedroom while gaming the day away. And that kicks off our first lucrative job for teens in 2022.

AI Gaming

1. Gaming, AI & All Things Technology

From coding to programming, from content creation to game development. Software engineers are as young as ten and working from their bedrooms on creating the next global phenomenon in the gaming world. Those not working directly behind the scenes are actively playing the online content in tournaments and earning surprisingly huge amounts of money doing what they love most.

Freelance work as a game developer or software engineer offers a wage comparable to the skill level and demands of the person offering the service and nets about $60.00 per hour at entry level. That is not a small sum of money when you compare it to the average minimum wage of $17 per hour or the insidious wages that exploit eager teens in the fast food industry with $15 per hour rounded up.

Website like Fiverr is a fantastic freelance workspace to start building your business or just to earn some quick cash on the side if you have skills in graphics arts, drawing, digital marketing, writing, voice over work… you name it.


2. Babysitters

Long gone is the era of paying the neighbour’s 12-16-year-old daughter $20 to sit with the kids for a few hours while the parents take some time out. While the babysitting industry has undergone some drastic changes, and the conditions and clients can be questionable, with the right support systems and safety measures in place, at between $20-$25 per hour. A babysitting gig for any teenager who can routinely get two days work a week, can make more than their friends at the drive-thru window, or busting their humps waiting tables and dealing with generally unpleasant people and their falsely entitled demands.

Check out My babysitter or Find a babysitting, 2 leading match making websites to find the perfect babysitter. 

Consider taking a First Aid course to boost your list of qualifications. Parents and potential clients will always hire a babysitter with current CPR and First Aid certification over a candidate who has no idea what to do if a child is choking or has stopped breathing.


3. Domestic Cleaning and Garden Maintenance

Anything to do with providing services to the domestic home as a sole trader or single self-employed individual, can be open to negotiation. The average domestic cleaner who sources their own clients can charge anything from $50- $90 per hour! You read that correctly. Someone who mows your lawns or cleans your home can charge like a wounded bull, and people will pay simply so they do not have to do it themselves. If you are lucky enough to land a government, NDS or aged care client or contract, then you can expect to receive, on average, $85 per hour to provide domestic services.

This proves that you do not need a university education or rocket scientist-level IQ to become wealthy. If you look at the six richest men on the planet, five left school when they were fourteen and have no formal education milestones that haven’t been awarded to them for their sizeable contributions to the notable establishments they hold honorary doctorates with decades later.

Garden Maintenance

4. Tutoring Teen Jobs

If you are gifted in any academic or musical field, taking on the role of a private tutor can net you between $25-$50 per hour, depending on the difficulty in the subject matter and the tutors’ qualifications. That is nothing to knock back if you are looking for extra cash and have free afternoons after school to teach a musical instrument you’ve been practising since you were four years old. Perhaps you have a gift for numbers and explaining complex formulas and equations in an easy-to-understand manner your classmates, and school students would be willing to pay you to teach them.

5. Dog Walkers

People now have more time at home than ever, but their desire to exercise and spend time with their pets has not shown a relative correlation. More people than ever are willing to pay someone else to walk their dog. People regularly outsource pet groomers and trainers to take care of the “hard work” while they hit the cafes and coffee houses to catch up with friends and family.

You can expect to charge or be charged between $17- $25 per hour for a dog walker. If you add to that pet training skills and behaviour modification and socialisation skills, you can be looking at $40 an hour to walk and teach someone else’s dog to sit, drop, stay and fetch.

If you love animals and exercise, you only need a handful of clients to make some weekend or after-school cash that quickly amounts to or exceeds the wage your parents bring home each week.

dog walker

Consider Taking An RTO Course

Another route you can take as someone looking to enter the workforce for the first time is to take on some pre-training in the form of gaining qualifications via an Accredited Training Organisation.

By gaining certification prior to applying for the job, you place yourself at the top of the pile because the employer doesn’t have to spend the time and money to train you. When it comes down to two candidates, which do you employ, the one already possessing the skills and knowledge to hit the ground running or the one you need to train from scratch?

The following is a list of courses from the Skills Training College that are in high demand at the time of writing and might be worth considering if you are looking for work in the related fields.