How Long Do Most CPR Classes Take

How Long Do Most CPR Classes Take

We are all so busy in today’s world that we hardly ever have time to stop and undertake anything that does not require going to work or organising our homes. There is so little time left over for skill development, and that might not seem like a huge deal at first. What else could there possibly be for you to learn?

While some skills are more valuable than others, learning the essentials of CPR and first aid should be at the top of your agenda. These courses literally do save lives. Time is one of the main obstacles that people face. How much time between work, school, and home can you spare to attend a CPR course?  

Is It Worth Doing A CPR Course

Simply said, learning CPR is a necessary hands-on skill because it saves lives. CPR is the only thing preventing the 350,000 people who experience cardiac arrest outside of a hospital from dying or suffering irreversible brain damage. CPR is another key skill that many jobs want.

Does Where You Get Your CPR Certification Matter

If you think that all CPR certifications are treated equally, you should reconsider. There are many distinct factors that affect how effectively a skill is acquired, some of which include the style of training, the standard of the course, and even the instructor’s level of expertise.

This is extremely important when performing CPR because we are trying to save a person’s life. To successfully conduct CPR, one must have a thorough understanding of not just how chest compressions are done but also of the numerous other techniques that can be employed in an emergency situation to save a person’s life.

How Long Is A CPR Class

The length of CPR training varies on the sort of course you sign up for. In-person, longer classes last roughly 2.5 to 3 hours. A First-Aid/CPR course may take up to 4-6 hours to complete.

The length of your CPR course will also depend on whether you enrol in a class with mostly beginners or those seeking recertification. Your class will be smaller than one with a majority of first-time students if you enrol in a course with a high percentage of recertification students. 

No Time For Face-To-Face? Go For Online CPR Training

You have more control over how long it takes to become certified in CPR using online courses. Online CPR courses can be finished in a few days or as little as 30 to 90 minutes. With this choice, you can personalise your course schedule to meet your specific requirements.

There Is No Class Without A Test

It’s possible that the four-letter word “TEST” just sent shivers down your spine. It’s not too difficult, so don’t worry. Its goal is for you to succeed, not fail. If you enrol in a classroom-only course, you might not even be required to take a typical exam where you answer questions and mark your responses.

You must complete an online exam prior to your class if you select a blended learning course.

Additionally, if your employer demands one, you might need to pass a test (which does usually happen for employer-sponsored group training). Both of these assessments are multiple-choice exams that evaluate your understanding of significant course material.

The time you spend practising your skills with your trainer during a CPR test, or assessment as we prefer to call them, is the most valuable key to getting a CPR certificate. To ensure that you are functioning well throughout the classroom exercises, your trainer will work with you. The techniques you just learned will then be put to use in scenarios by your trainer. 

How Soon Will You Get Your CPR Certification

You will be given a digital certificate that is nationally recognised the day after you finish your CPR course. It will be well received throughout Australia. You will receive your certificate the following business day if some late and weekend classes do not offer same-day certificate delivery.

How Can You Book A CPR Course

Typically, classes can be booked online. A complete listing of our upcoming CPR classes is available. Additionally, you can ask to take a private lesson at your workplace or one of our locations. We would be pleased to discuss the options with you, book your course for an affordable price with Skills training College today.

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