Tips For Securing A Christmas Casual Role

Christmas Job

A Christmas Casual Role

Data from the job-seeking website Indeed, suggests that employers start to advertise Christmas casual jobs in the month of August. Armed with that information, now is the perfect time to assess and update your resume and make any additional adjustments before you begin the application process.

Check out the Insiders’ Guide to a detailed approach for landing that Christmas job and how to best prepare yourself. We will concentrate on casual employment, seeking people for an immediate start, and look at some of the lesser-known but in-demand casual jobs that pay good money for the right people.

Chat Line Operators

If you have an open mind and are not afraid of the controversial taboos, then one market that is always seeking workers is the adult chat line industry. In Australia, several companies constantly seek adventurous employees regardless of whether you use your phone, PC, or tablet. The upside to these jobs is that no prior experience is necessary. 

They will give you full training on the job, and the amount of money you make depends on how many messages you respond to. This work will not be for everyone, but it can be done discreetly from the privacy of your home and offers flexible hours. 

It is an industry in demand and always seeking new operators. Typing the heading into any search engine will bring up a list of potential employers, and if you start now, you’ll have a head start on Christmas.


Tutoring has become a high-demand vocation, and if you have skills in academics, music, or fitness, you can make some good money on a casual basis that works around your schedule. The average hourly rate for a tutor will depend on the topic and their level of experience and set you back between $25-$60 per hour. 

Don’t limit yourself to the term tutor being only for academics and music. If you have qualifications as a personal trainer or yoga instructor, you offer private tutorials in the client’s home or have them come to you. 

There are upsides to teaching one-on-one outside of a group or class environment. This type of tutoring can turn into a full-time business or be kept as a sideline to make extra cash.

Café Baristas

Taking a barista course in the lead-up to the Christmas season is a short and relatively cost-friendly option anyone interested in the field can take before applying for casual café and barista jobs in your area. The National Training College runs an intense five-hour crash course in everything barista related for $149! 

Upon completion, you will be awarded same-day, accredited, nationally recognised barista certification that can be used in any state or territory across Australia.

Baristas are always being advertised for on any job board, and coffee-to-go popularity shows no signs of waning. With the Christmas rush and influx of tourists and teenagers on holiday, there is a higher demand for the barista to make and serve the coffee and the customer wanting the coffee made and served to go. Now is the perfect time to get ahead of the competition and put your resume at the top of their pile.

Security Sector

When the holiday season comes around, an increase of shoppers tends to lead in the need of security staff with major retailers, malls, and shopping complexes to reduce product theft.

To gain all the certifications you require, you are looking at around the $2000 mark, give or take any deals and price-beat guarantees you might find with rival companies on the day.

The Skills Training College provides a range of courses, and the links below are all required to gain full certification in the security industry.

Please note that the RSA and RSG tickets are not required for security work outside of licenced venues. However, having them opens up employment opportunities to work in crowd control or event management (bouncers). Unless you are specifically looking to work in estate security or facility security, they are a mandatory requirement in all states. Not having them limits the jobs an employer can assign you to undertake casually.

Secret Shoppers

The festive time of year, Christmas brings a higher-than-normal volume of people into stores, malls, and shopping centres. One of the seasonal jobs that tend to be advertised months before the Christmas period arrives is for secret shoppers or mystery shoppers.

This can be a fun casual job, but it does have some drawbacks, and the fine print needs to be read. If you are happy with the conditions and meet the criteria, this might be for you. 

Golf Caddies

You might not think of being a golf caddy as a potential source of income. While not as in demand in Australia as in other countries, there are still thousands of golf courses across the country, and they are all receptive to applications to become a casual golf caddy.

When searching for caddy positions, other alternative position title are:

  • Golf services officer
  • Golf services attendant
  • Golf operations assistant

You do need to be fit and have no restrictions when it comes to carrying weight and walking long distances. This is the ideal job for anyone interested in the sport of golf and can lead to bigger jobs with international players when they come to Australia for tournaments. Female golf caddies are also required and in demand.

Retail Assistant Clothes Folders

Did you know that there is now a position in the retail industry specifically for clothes folders and merchandise arrangers? While this job isn’t about to make you a millionaire, during the Christmas period, the increase in traffic in stores means that their products and merchandise are often moved around the store and placed wherever the customer discards them. 

Employing casual Christmas staff to constantly move around the store, return items to their rightful place, or fold clothes correctly to return to the pile has become its own position in the retail sector. While not a high-demand job, it can be a casual position with some flexibility depending on the store’s requirements. Some prefer their stock to be folded, and their shelves tidied and stocked after the store has closed. This offers some flexibility to work evening shift hours for those with a day job or a family to tend to during the daylight hours. Search job websites for positions in your area.

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