5 Best Backpacker Jobs In Brisbane


So, you are planning to hit Australia for a gap year, be a backpacker that can enjoy working and holiday. Which means you might need to look to land a job in advance upon your arrival, or you made it here and seek work to fill the visa conditions and requirements, but where do you start?

Searching For Jobs

Several online search engines might assist you with securing a job in Brisbane during your working holiday time.

Search your job online with:

Other professional search options you might consider are:

When using these online job boards, keep in mind the strict limitations and requirements of your visa obligations and limit your search to short-term or contract roles that meet the requirements of your specific working holiday visa requirements.

1. Cleaning

No matter where you go in the world, there are always casual cleaning jobs to be had, and Brisbane is no exception. Checking the employment websites listed above will bring up a long list of opportunities. The downside to this is that you do have to do your research and ask some questions before employment. Some companies expect their cleaners to provide and launder their own cleaning supplies. 

That is not often suitable for backpackers, and the initial overhead can mean the option is quickly discarded. For the companies that are used to working with the high turnover rate of backpackers coming and going, they can be a real gem and the money they offer can be lucrative.

2. Café Barista

It seems counterproductive but taking a short course in something like “café barista” will give you national certification across all eight states in our massive country. The upside to having Australian certification is that no matter where your travels take you, if you have a barista ticket, you can potentially land a job anywhere. 

Even if you have the skills, employers are more likely to hire a backpacker with recent certification with the latest skills, tricks and practices to add value to their business. They don’t want to invest the time and money in training you if you are only going to be there for three months before moving on.

Skills Training College runs an intense five-hour crash course in everything barista related for Just $149!

3. Nanny, Au Pair & Babysitters

As with all of the suggestions in this article, preparing in advance prior to departing your home country and having the positions lined up is always going to be the best-case scenario. There are a large number of companies in Australia that specialise in providing all of the child care services utilising backpackers. 

Such as:

In Queensland you will need to apply for a Blue Card that undertakes a background check to ensure you are safe to work with children and vulnerable people. You also need to have current First Aid certification. 

It will be really beneficial if you are certified First Aid Giver. The Skills Training College provides a range of First Aid courses valid for three years. We offer a range of delivery methods, including an online and Zoom option so you can get your ticket before arriving in Australia and go straight to work if you have an employer lined up in advance.

4. Bartending

If you already have the necessary bartending and mixology skills, all you require to work in Australia is an RSA ticket. RSA is the Responsible Serving of Alcohol certification. If you work in a venue that provides gaming options like Keno or poker machines, you will also require an RSG, Responsible Serving of Gaming certification.

The RSA is a mandatory requirement in Australia to work in any industry that serves alcohol. You can choose to take a course while here to gain that certification.

This can be a fun casual job, but it does have some drawbacks, and the fine print needs to be read. If you are happy with the conditions and meet the criteria, this might be for you. 

5. Construction

If you have any certifications in the building industry in your home country, you can work in Australia. However, you will need to do a “white card” course and hold that certification to undertake any trade in Australia.

Skills Training College (RTO#45654 | CRICOS #03884A) offers the nationally recognised Prepare to work safely in the construction industry course. The full course title is CPCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry. But its most common name is the White Card course.